Critical Power Now power monitoring and control systems give you the information needed to save money on utilities and other hidden costs of operating your facility. In fact, a study by the Energy Cost Savings Council revealed meters and monitors have an average payback period of less than six months and an average payback of 200%.

You can determine your potential savings by using the Critical Power Now Payback Calculator below. Simply input your information into each of the three tabs below to see how much you can save with a PowerLogic system through reduced utility costs, increased equipment utilization and improved system reliability.

Eliminate the Costs of Manually Reading Meters


Cost Allocation &/or Cost/Part Analysis

Typically 3% to 5% of an energy bill can be saved by the folllowing:


Increase Electrical Distribution Assets

By determining and increasing the loading of your electrical distribution system, you can significantly reduce the amount of electrical distribution equipment purchased per year.

Reduce Documentation & Planning Costs

Engineering functions associated with the documentation of the circuit loading of the electrical distribution system can be performed by PowerLogic (time-trend plots). Also, the planning and reorganization of electrical circuits can be reduced due to access to historical circuit loading data through the Circuit Monitor.

Reduce Downtime

Typically, 60% to 70% of downtime is spent identifying and finding the problem. The remainding 30% to 40% is spent actually fixing the problem. PowerLogic can reduce the time it takes to find and identify the problem to near zero. An alarm at your personal will tell you the instant a breaker trips, which breaker has tripped, and what caused the trip.

Eliminate the Cost of Equipment & Labor of Portable Recording Devices

PowerLogic has many of the same capabilities of portable devices like waveform capture. event capture, and historical data logging. Thus, if PowerLogic is used instead of these devices, there will be some significant savings.

Reduce Maintenance Inspection Costs

PowerLogic can reduce the time maintence spends inspecting equipment. Instead of inspecting electrical distribution equipment once every two weeks, maintenance can instead inspect the breakers once every 50 trips, for example. The Circuit Monitor will log the trips. In fact, much of the information acquired during an inspection is available at your personal computer via the historical data logging. Thus, the time spent inspecting breakers will likely be reduced.

Payback Summary